Watch New Power Rangers Geek Out Over Old Power Rangers Toys

RJ Cyler and Becky G from Power Rangers
RJ Cyler and Becky G from Power Rangers

Everybody loves those old Power Rangers toys. Even Power Rangers.

Made in Hollywood reporter Kylie Erica Mar raided her childhood toy chest for her favorite Mighty Morphin action figures, guns and gloves for an impromptu playdate with the stars of the new “Power Rangers” movie.

“Are you ready for show and tell? You’re going to get so excited right now,” Mar tells RJ Cyler, who plays Billy the Blue Ranger, and Becky G, who plays Trini, the Yellow Ranger.

“I’m so scared,” admited Cyler — until he and Becky G saw what Mar dug out of her bag.

“A morpher!” said Cyler.

“Oh, my God, that’s crazy!” added Becky G.

Cyler then couldn’t resist firing a red Ranger ray gun while Becky G. played with a pair of Yellow Ranger action figures.

It turned out this wasn’t the first time they’re reunited with some favorite playthings.

“When the Japanese original creators came to us on set they gave us some original toys,” said Ludi Lin, who plays Zack, the Black Ranger.

Still, the toys revealed that that even Power Rangers’ powers have their limits.

Handed a pair of pink gloves that makes sounds, Naomi Scott, who plays Pink Ranger Kimberly, asked, “How do you turn it on?”