'10 Cloverfield Lane' Stars Were on the Edge of Their Seats Just as Viewers Will Be


’10 Cloverfield Lane’ Cast Shocked By Their Own Horror Scenes

This one’s a nail biter!

Even the stars of “10 Cloverfield Lane” admit to being creeped out and shocked by their own film.

“When I read the script, I really didn’t see the twists and turns coming,” star Mary Elizabeth Winstead, who plays Michelle, tells Made in Hollywood. “I had no idea what the ending was going to be. I was just on this roller coaster ride reading it and it was so exciting.”

In the J.J. Abrams-produced mystery-suspense drama, Winstead’s character has a serious decision to make when she is faced with the unknown once she is stuck in a cellar with strangers after a terrible accident.

’10 Cloverfield Lane’: Powerful Script Directed By Dan Trachtenberg

“I just really loved the script,” John Gallagher, Jr., who plays Emmet, says. “I thought it was really well-written, it was exciting, it was clever. I didn’t know where it was going. I didn’t know what was coming, I couldn’t predict what was going to happen on the next page.”

This exact cast reaction is what director Dan Trachtenberg was aiming to achieve.

“I really, truly wanted to move people emotionally and physically,” he says. “You know, I love the idea of making someone move to the edge of their seat or to the back of it and have their heart race and their palms sweat. I think that’s so magical that you can see something make believe, but yet actually have a visceral, physical response to it. This is a very mysterious movie and there’s a lot of surprises in it, and I think it’s important these surprises happen the way that the movie designed them to happen.”

Even Hollywood veteran John Goodman says the script to the film, which hits theaters on Friday, is “unlike anything I’d read before.”