4 Things Seth Rogen Revealed About 'Sausage Party' at SXSW

‘Sausage Party’: Seth Rogen’s Raunchy Animated Comedy Screened at SXSW

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“Sausage Party”

Seth Rogen found that sex, violence and profanity are much more palatable themes when they’re animated.

“You can show food f—, that’s what we learned from this process,” the writer-actor said of his animated film “Sausage Party” at a SXSW Film Festival screening.

The raunchy new flick has been gestating for eight years because studios deemed it a financial risk. The story follows a hot dog named Frank (Rogen) who wants to romance a hot dog bun (Kristen Wiig). Frank and his fellow anthropomorphic friends live in a supermarket blissfully unaware of their reality after they are purchased and then unpacked at home—they become meals.

Variety says the R-rated comedy “could be a sleeper hit of the summer.”

Featuring voice talent from James Franco, Salma Hayek, Paul Rudd, Jonah Hill, Edward Norton, and Michael Cera, “Sausage Party” opens Aug. 12.

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Seth Rogen screens “Sausage Party” at SXSW

‘Sausage Party’: 4 Things Seth Rogen revealed at SXSW

Sausage Party is inspired by Pixar films—of course, with a twist:
“We would look at what animated movies did,” Rogen said. “People project emotions on things around them — onto their toys, onto their cars, onto their pets. That’s what Pixar has done for the last 20 years. We thought what would it be like if our food had feelings. We very quickly realized that would be f—ed up, because we eat it.”

“Sausage Party” was screened at SXSW as a “work in progress”:
“There’s s— that’s drawn by hand,” Rogen said. “You’re truly seeing something that no will ever get to see in the world.”

Why “Sausage Party” was featured at SXSW:
Rogen previously debuted unfinished versions of “Knocked Up” and “Neighbors” at the festival. “It’s the only festival that treats comedy even remotely equal to the other genres,” Rogen said. “I’m thrilled to be showing it to you guys.”

“Sausage Party” spoiler:
Bath salts give the characters psychic abilities.

To watch the “Sausage Party” NSFW red band trailer, click here.