8 Times Amy Schumer of 'Trainwreck' Really Made Us Laugh

Amy Schumer

Whether she’s hosting the MTV Movie Awards or starring in her Comedy Central series, Amy Schumer knows how to get a laugh – if sometimes a nervous one.

Gearing up for “Trainwreck,” her first starring film that debuts July 17, “Made in Hollywood” gathered some of the irreverent and raunchy comedienne’s funniest quips — proving that when she goes off the rails she always stays on track.

1. MTV Movie Awards

Schumer’s MTV Movie Awards hosting gig put her on the map this year as one to watch. Just her opening monologue – which spoofed nominated films, including “The Fault in Our Stars” and “Pitch Perfect 2” – makes it easy to see she’s one heck of a funny lady.

2. Amy Lake Blively

We’ve all seen that so-called “shy” actress awkwardly giggle her way through a late-night interview, while adjusting her cleavage-baring minidress and admitting she’s really nervous. And Schumer, who went by Amy Lake Blively, had a blast being that girl in a faux interview with Bill Hader on “Inside Amy Schumer.”

3. Glamour Women of the Year acceptance speech

You know you’ve got a lot of L-O-Ls in store when Schumer’s five-minute acceptance speech about “real women” starts off with, “I love Ellie [Goulding] being like, ‘Thank you for loving real people.’ And she’s like a f—–g supermodel. Like the little uglies, like you found us.” And at the risk of sounding a little (okay, a lot) NSFW, she had the crowd in hilarious uproar after saying, “I’m probably at, like, 160 pounds right now, and I can catch a d–k whenever I want.”

4. Popcorn and ‘leg-arms’

In typical Schumer fashion, the comedienne addressed her body during an interview on “The Ellen DeGeneres Show.” “In L.A., my arms register as legs. Like, why is that octopus on Sunset?” she said, laughing. But the real hilarity came from a monologue-length comment about popcorn, which stemmed from a photo on display of her and former “Glee” actress Dianna Agron at a basketball game.

5. Conan appearance

During an appearance on late-night show “Conan,” Schumer recalled how her “two front teeth didn’t fall out until I was in fifth grade.” But while she was a late bloomer in one sense, she was an early one in another. “This is cool, ’cause then at the same time, I got my period,” she said. “So I was just this jack-o-lantern with t–s.”

5. Praising John Cena’s Booty

Schumer’s got nothin’ but love for her “Trainwreck” castmate John Cena. “It’s a whole universe, that butt,” she said on the “Opie Radio” show, referring to the WWE wrestler. “That Cena a–. Not even human. It’s not even human. It felt like having a refrigerator on top of me.”

6. The red carpet Kimye tumble

Schumer addressed her infamous red carpet tumble in front of Kim Kardashian and Kanye West at Time’s 100 Most Influential People party. “I think falling is the funniest thing in the world,” she explained on “Jimmy Kimmel Live.” “In a fancy restaurant or in an airport shuttle. That’s my favorite, ’cause it’s carpeted, you don’t usually hurt yourself too bad,” she said. To Schumer’s dismay, the pratfall didn’t rattle them. “Look how much he cares,” Schumer said, pointing at a picture of a blank-faced Kanye. “That’s how much he cares about me.”

7. ‘I LOVE drinking’

On CBS’ “Late Show,” Schumer got real about her favorite pastime. “Knowing I was coming here, I was like: ‘I’m not going to drink. I’m not going to drink for a whole week so I can look my best,'” she told David Letterman. “And now that I’m here, it just, like, doesn’t seem worth it. I love drinking! Do you guys love drinking? I was thinking about this last night. I cheated a little. I was having, like, a little wine and weed and an Ambien – or as I call it, tucking myself in. I can’t imagine having a baby, because I can’t imagine not drinking for nine months. My mom said she drank through all four pregnancies, but I’m an only child, so–.”

8. “Real Housewives” audition

Schumer has pretty much done it all, but the funny lady took things one step further and “auditioned” for the “Real Housewives” franchise. When asked why she’d make a good housewife, she said, “I’m real, I’m in the house a lot, I’m not a wife – but I’ve had sex with a lot of married people, I have a lot of exes …”

And hey, her tagline is irresistible: “I’m Amy, and I may look a whore, but I am.”

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Watch a clip from “Trainwreck” below: