Alicia Vikander Shows Jimmy Fallon Swedish Partying Traditions

Let the party begin! Alicia Vikander hasn’t forgotten where she comes from.

The stunning Swedish actress tells Jimmy Fallon on “The Tonight Show” Friday that she was recently home for a huge party called Midsummer. The holiday, she says, is more popular than New Year’s Eve.

“It’s our biggest holiday,” she explains. “Last year there’s like a couple thousand people that meet up in Central Park and they dance around this Maple [tree] as frogs.”

She says that most of her friends think she’s joking when she tells them this, but she’s dead serious.

“You can go to YouTube and it’s happening. You can watch them each year in Central Park,” she says.

The dance that the revelers participate in is something that all Swedish people know. It’s a famous dance (which she even taught the late night host.)

“It’s a great dance, and everyone who’s between five and 95 in Sweden knows this dance and does it every year,” she says.

Midsummer, though, has already past, so she’s gearing up for crayfish season, another time of celebration. The frog dance need not apply in this one.

“You drink a lot of [shots] and sing a lot of quite dirty songs,” she explains of crayfish party festivities.

Vikander stars in the “The Man From U.N.C.L.E.,” which opens in theaters Friday.