Andrew Garfield Slams 'Sick' Foreclosure Crisis and Greed

We’re living in a material world—and we’re all a part of the problem, says Andrew Garfield.

The actor tells Made in Hollywood that his film “99 Homes” parallels how much greed, materialism, and the way in which we measure what makes someone “worthy” has corrupted our society.

And it’s no more apparent than in the foreclosure crisis, fueled by corporate greed, that threatened the livelihood of many homeowners. “It’s a really sick way of proceeding, and we’re all participating in it in some way,” he says. “It’s happening right now. What this story is depicting is occurring as we speak.”

In the housing-crisis drama he stars as single father Dennis Nash, who along with his family, gets evicted from his Florida home. Faced with no other alternatives, he makes a deal with the shady businessman who evicted him to do the same thing to others in exchange for their home.

“99 Homes” is in theaters now. Watch the trailer below.