Andrew Garfield's 'Soothing' and Surprising Hobby

For his new film “99 Homes,” Andrew Garfield began mastering a valuable life skill: carpentry. But it proved to be no challenge for the former “Spider-Man” star because the craft is already one of his favorite obsessions.

“[Carpentry] is one of my soothing hobbies because as actors we don’t have anything to hold onto that is, like, solid,” he explains to James Corden on the “Late Late Show” on Tuesday. “It’s all so ephemeral and fleeting, kind of this mystical thing that doesn’t really exist.”

He adds that he likes to make things that are tangible. “It comforts me,” he says.

Garfield’s new film centers on the housing crisis that took place in America in 2010.

“It’s a situation a lot of Americans are still living through right now,” he says of the movie. “The movie is set in Florida where so many lives were kind of destroyed by this insane economic disparity that we’re experiencing, this confusing manipulative system.”

The movie, he says, is a “visceral gut punch and a little bit of wake up call to look at a section of society that are being discarded and treated like their valueless and worthless just because they cant make ends meet.”