Anne Hathaway on Her 'Weird' and 'Lovely' White Queen in Alice Through the Looking Glass

Anne Hathaway, the White Queen, in Alice Through the Looking Glass
Anne Hathaway, the White Queen, in Alice Through the Looking Glass

Anne Hathaway Talks Playing the White Queen Again with Johnny Depp in Alice Through the Looking Glass

Weird never felt so much like home.

Returning as the White Queen in “Alice Through the Looking Glass,” Anne Hathaway is all wiggly fingered and bedecked in a white gown and dark red lipstick, helping Alice go back in time and save Johnny Depp‘s Mad Hatter, who has really gone extra mad this time.

The encore allowed Hathaway to add more nuances to her role. “She’s a lovely character, but she does kind of exist to move the plot forward,” Hathaway tells Made in Hollywood reporter Patrick Stinson. “And so I just didn’t want to be standing there next to everyone else doing fabulous things. I wanted to find ways that felt true to the character that also felt weird and right in the world.”

Anne Hathaway Thrilled at Traveling Through Time with Mia Wasikowska in Alice Through the Looking Glass

So look for more of those fidgety fingers that Hathaway says betrays the queen’s lying. Look, too, for more out-of-this-world special effects from computer imagery combined with old-fashioned prop devices that sent Hathaway and Alice star Mia Wasikowska tumbling inside the time-traveling Chronosphere.

“Getting to fly in the Chronosphere was really, really cool,” Hathaway says. “You get buckled to the Chronosphere and then we got tied to each other, and then they have to set up the camera and everything. And then all of a sudden the whole thing is tilting at a 45-degree angle. So it was surreal, but, as with everything with this movie, weird and fun.”

Which is why coming back was a no-brainer. “The first film was so much fun and I only worked a few weeks on this one,” Hathaway says. “I  just got to come and put on a Colleen Atwood dress and have fun with all my friends.”