'Baby Driver' Stars Eiza Gonzalez and Lily James Really Love Their Disney Tunes


“Baby Driver” runs as much on non-stop music as it does on gasoline, with getaway driver Ansel Elgort racing away from crime scenes while falling in love with waitress Lily James to his personal soundtrack blasting in his iPod earbuds.

Which had Made in Hollywood reporter Kylie Erica Mar wondering what the stars listen to in their own cars.

“I actually love the Disney music,” says James, who gets an enthusiastic thumbs-up from costar Eiza Gonzalez, who plays part of a husband-and-wife heist team with Jon Hamm.

“I was going to say the same thing: ‘Frozen.’ I’m definitely like, ‘Let it go!'” says Gonzalez, who adds that her favorite, though, is “Little Mermaid.”


But if they were to come up with a soundtrack reflecting their experience shooting this high-octane car chase/romance mashup, they would stick to the movie’s eclectic selection of music from artists including Simon and Garfunkel and the Jon Spencer Blues Explosion

“The soundtrack in this film is so flawless and killer that I couldn’t pick another song other than what would exist in the film,” says James. “It’s just so perfect.”