Benjamin Bratt Says Comedy Is His 'Greatest Joy'

Benjamin Bratt is best known for his Emmy-nominated role on “Law & Order.” His most recent gigs were on medical-drama “Private Practice” and dramatic thriller “24: Live Another Day.”

Goofball fare is not on his resume. So when the actor was tapped star in slapstick comedy “Ride Along 2,” he saw it as a welcomed departure from familiar territory.

“It was a rare opportunity to jump into a specific genre that I’m not offered usually—and that’s an action comedy,” he tells Made in Hollywood.

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“To be really involved in the creation of this—what really amounts to laughter for the audience, that’s an artist’s greatest joy,” he explains.

In “Ride Along 2,” Bratt plays a Miami crime boss under investigation by lawmen played by Ice Cube as the tough, no-nonsense type and Kevin Hart as the dimwitted, bumbling one. Hijinks ensue in their investigation while joined by Ken Jeong’s tech guru character and Olivia Munn, playing a beauty with a badge.

Bratt says through the film’s humor, it gives him the chance to “make people feel something.” “And what’s a better feeling than to give people an opportunity to laugh,” he says.

“Ride Along 2” opens Friday. Watch the trailer below.