Bill Murray Is Now Morocco's Unpaid Tourism Pitchman

Bill Murray

Bill Murray’s latest film, “Rock the Kasbah,” takes place in Afghanistan, but it was actually filmed in Morocco. After his experience filming abroad, Murray comes off as the walking, talking tourism commercial for the North African country.

“I recommend Morocco to anyone,” he told Jimmy Kimmel on Monday, who filmed his late-night show in Brooklyn. “It’s really wonderful, not just because they’re fun, but it’s nice for the cowards in the audience. You know who you are.”

Morocco is nothing to be intimidated about, he said, adding that they local didn’t recognize him while he was filming.

“It’s entry-level Africa, and an entry level Muslim world,” he said, “and they’re the most generous, kind, normal, nice people and it’s just beautiful, just spectacular.”

The actor, who indicated his “Kasbah” character is “based on a lifestyle of sleaze,” said he is receiving no compensation for his Moroccan sales pitch.

“They’re just really sweet, they’re really gentle people,” he said. “It’s a nice place to be. I’d go back there and work anytime.”

“Rock the Kasbah” opens on Friday. Watch the trailer below.