Britt Robertson, Asa Butterfield of The Space Between Us Reveal Their Earthly Loves

Britt Robertson and Asa Butterfield
Britt Robertson and Asa Butterfield

Britt Robertson, Asa Butterfield of The Space Between Us on What They Love About Earth

In “The Space Between Us,” Asa Butterfield is a teenager raised on a colony on Mars who returns to Earth and basks in its many surprises, including the love of his former pen pal, played by Britt Robertson.

The plot got the stars thinking about what they really savor most about their home planet.

“The iPad’s pretty cool,” laughs Robertson. “I’ve been into my Kindle lately, been reading a lot. Also the oven. I love to cook.”

“Food is a great part about Earth,” agrees Butterfield. “But seriously, I think — and not just because we’re promoting this film — but the natural side of things. Yeah, creatures.”

Britt Robertson and Asa Butterfield on the Real Science Behind The Space Between Us

The movie explores the idea of what would happen if Elon Musk’s real-life dreams of colonizing the Red Planet came true. And while the stars have never Musk, they tell Made in Hollywood reporter Kylie Erica Mar the prospect is intriguing, if intimidating.

“I would love to observe him. That would have been  cool,” says Robertson. “I’d be sort of into watching him and shadowing him.”

Still, Robertson acknowledges that some of the science may go way over her head.

“What he’s talking about and his plans for the world, I wouldn’t even be able to get onto his page,” she says. “I’d be like, Okay, all right, when’s the new Tesla coming out? I would just be a completely different playing field of where he’s at.”

Butterfield says the film is closer to fact than many may think.

“I read the script years and years ago, the first draft or whatever, (and) it’s evolved a lot since then,” he says. “A lot of that has come from the evolutions in the technology that we have and what people are trying to do and they’ve kind of taken a lot of that into the film.”