Captain America: Civil War - All About the Scene that Made the Crew Cry

Captain America: Civil War with Chris Evans and Robert Downey Jr.
Captain America: Civil War with Chris Evans and Robert Downey Jr.

The Captain America: Civil War Scene that Brought the Crew to Tears

(Warning: Mild spoilers)

It’s always tough to see two people you care about fighting. If those two people happen to be your heroes, it can be unbearable. As “Captain America: Civil War” built to an epic battle between Captain America and Iron Man, and the rest of the Avengers had to choose sides, the tension behind the scenes — on the movie set — also mounted.

“It’s a very intense vibe,” co-director Joe Russo tells Made in Hollywood’s Kylie Erica Mar. “And we did in fact have some crew members who have been lifelong comic fans tear up a little when we shot that (final) scene and got all those characters together.”

The stunt people, who had to do much of the dirty work, took it particularly hard. “They’re such comic  fans, and bringing the special elements to the screen is so important to them,” adds Russo. “It was a really an intense, reverential experience for everybody.”

The high emotions speak to the deep personal connection fans have with these characters going back decades in the Marvel comics. Russo and brother Anthony, the other co-director, sought to tap into those feelings.

How Captain America: Civil War’s Storyline Built to an Epic Battle

“I think any comic book fan has that fantasy when you’re reading the books, especially me when I was younger: I was always thinking about: Who’s the more powerful character? What would happen if they got into a fight? Why would they get into a fight?” says Anthony. “I think there’s a wish-fulfillment quality to it, but at the same time it’s serving all this storytelling that has come before it.”

Anybody familiar with the Marvel movies and the comics knows that Chris Evan’s Captain America and Robert Downey Jr.’s Iron Man “have never really seen eye-to-eye,” according to Anthony. “What would happen if they were put in a very combustible situation where they had to make decisions and ended up on opposite sides of the line from each other?”

Raising the stakes to this level became imperative as the filmmakers sought to not only dazzle audiences with an adventure that topped all those before it in the Marvel Cinematic Universe but to make “Civil War” stand out among other comic-inspired blockbusters.

“There’s a lot of these movies,” notes Anthony. “It’s a very crowded marketplace, so you have to think through: What can we do to separate this film or differentiate it? But also at the same time you’re thinking about: What is it that we as fans want to see? That’s how we approached all these movies. We approached ‘Winter Soldier; that way, we approached ‘Civil War; that way. It’s putting that energy into it as a fan: What would excite me in the theatre – and pouring your passion into it.”