Captain America Civil War Reviews: Best Marvel Movie Since Iron Man?

Captain America: Civil War with Chris Evans and Robert Downey Jr.
Captain America: Civil War with Chris Evans and Robert Downey Jr.

Captain America Civil War: Reviews Rank It in Marvel Cinematic Universe

For superhero movies, bigger always seems better — unless it’s not. “Captain America: Civil War” uses its size to advantage, packing more characters and more CGI and more spectacle into any Marvel movie to date, critics are saying.

With just enough light touches to balance out the mayhem, “Civil War” easily out-shines a movie with similar ambitions, DC’s “Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice.” But does this battle between Chris Evans and Robert Downey Jr. represent the best of in the Marvel Cinematic Universe to date — or at least the best since “Iron Man” in 2008?

Consider the critical house divided. “Civil War” gets a 93 percent fresh rating from Rotten Tomatoes, one tick below the 94 percent for “Iron Man,” so this battle is neck and neck. A sampling of reviews:

Captain America Civil War Reviews Draw Comparisons and Contrasts to Batman V Superman

‘Captain America: Civil War’ is an ambitious undertaking, a massive venture that could have easily felt bloated and overblown, much like March’s corrosive, joyless ‘Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice.’ Instead, ‘Civil War’ is lithe and lean, no small feat considering it features a dozen superheroes vying for screen time and runs a wink shy of the two-and-a-half hour mark”Adam Graham, The Detroit News

“Crisply photographed, thoughtfully acted and often refreshingly amusing, ‘Civil War’ injects doses of much-needed fun into a genre of filmmaking that’s become mired in dour pretentiousness, when it’s not ridiculing its own excesses in such meta-snark exercises as ‘Deadpool'”Ann Hornaday, Washington Post

“This may be the first film since ‘Avatar’ that truly necessitates viewing in a gargantuan format: On a plain old normal-size 2-D screen all these superhumans could get lost in the crowd, and in the accelerated blur of action, mayhem, and snappy quipping”Steven Rea, Philadelphia Inquirer

Captain America Civil War Reviews Tackle Whether Movie Is Too Big for Its Own Good

And that, many critics say, may be the film’s one problem: too much Marvel for one movie, particularly for those new to the franchise.

“‘Captain America: Civil War,’ the feels-like-93rd entry in Disney’s forever-going series devoted to Marvel Comics’ spandex-and-metal-clad super friends, is perfectly fine – a little too rambling at two and a half hours, but otherwise just the right shade of light and bright for a movie about superheroes fighting superheroes”Robert Wilonsky, Dallas Morning News

“(I)t turns out to be a longer slog than you may anticipate unless you are a Marvel true believer who lives and breathes these characters’ every quirk and qualm”Kenneth Turan, Los Angeles Times