Chris Pine and Ben Foster Reveal Major Man Crushes on Co-star Jeff Bridges

Ben Foster and Chris Pine of Hell or High Water
Ben Foster and Chris Pine of Hell or High Water

Chris Pine, Ben Foster Share Actorly Secrets for Getting Into Character in Hell or High Water

Acting students, take notes: Chris Pine and Ben Foster offer two different approaches to their characters, a pair of brothers robbing banks in “Hell or High Water.”

For Pine, it’s all about understanding the dark motivations of the tortured Toby Howard.

“I think for my character it’s a lot of shame,” Pine tells Made in Hollywood reporter Patrick Stinson. “He’s ashamed that he screwed up so badly and his life has gone to shit and he wants to make up for time that’s running out and leave something behind. … He’s an animal in the darker corner of a a cage trying to get out.”

And for Foster, playing the hothead Tanner Howard, it’s this:  “Basically Waylon Jennings on boombox — and bourbon.”

Chris Pine, Ben Foster Share Man Crushes on Hell or High Water Co-star Jeff Bridges

The story of a divorced dad (Pine) and  his ex-con brother (Foster) resorting to bank heists to save the family farm, “Hell or High Water” offered more than rich characters. For Pine, it mean working with his acting idol, Jeff Bridges. The only question who had the biggest man crush on him.

“I’m madly in love with Jeff Bridges,” says Pine.

“I will fight you for him,” offers Stinson.

“I’ll marry him,” says Pine, upping the ante. “I’ll have to talk to my dad about some sort of co-parentage situation. … He’s incredible he’s Jeff-effen-Bridges, man. He’s The Dude incarnate.”

Foster agrees. “What a privilege watching that man.

Concludes Pine: “It’s a dream.”