Chris Pratt: I Couldn't Be a 'Goofball' in 'Jurassic World'

Chris Pratt had to dig deep and get serious for his latest role as a velociraptor expert and trainer in “Jurassic World.”

“I had to get used to shedding this sort of goofiness that I typically have in real life,” Pratt, 35, explained of his half-Cesar Millan, half-Indiana Jones-esque character during an interview with “Made in Hollywood.”

“I’m kind of a goofball – having fun and goofing around a lot is something that I kind of can’t turn off, so in order to create this character I had to take that away from who I am and reveal what I have left, and that’s this character Owen.”

It’s a move that paid off for Pratt, who clawed past box office records to the tune of more than $524 million at the box office since it opened last Friday, co-starring Bryce Dallas Howard as the dino theme park’s all-business executive.

Not only this, but the more serious, non-goofball Pratt is now more convincing than ever as a leading man – and industry observers have taken notice.

It was revealed Tuesday that Sony has tapped Pratt as the romantic lead opposite Jennifer Lawrence in the $150 million budget space flick “Passengers,” which begins production in the fall.