Brad Pitt, Christian Bale Rock Oscar Race with 'The Big Short'

Millions of Americans lost their homes during the U.S. housing and credit meltdown that led to the 2007-2008 global financial crisis – and one man predicted it all.

In “The Big Short,” Christian Bale takes on the role of Michael Burry, the founder of the Scion Capital, an investor who was one of the first people to predict the U.S. banking bubble burst.

The drama is adapted from Michael Lewis’ bestseller “The Big Short: Inside the Doomsday Machine,” and follows how Burry scored a personal profit of $100 million and nearly $700 million for his investors during the economic debacle.

Brad Pitt, one of the drama’s producers, plays Cornwall Capital’s Ben Hockett, Ryan Gosling stars as Deutsche Bank trader Greg Lippman and Steve Carell takes on the role of FrontPoint Partners money manager Steve Eisman.

Deadline reports that “The Big Short” has thrown its name into the hat for the forthcoming Oscars race with an unexpected early release. The biopic will premiere at the closing night gala at the American Film Institute (AFI) film festival on Nov. 12.

Costarring Melissa Leo, Marissa Tomei, Selena Gomez and Max Greenfield, “The Big Short” opens nationwide Dec. 23.