David Spade on Playing the Straight Man to Adam Sandler in The Do-Over

David Spade from The Do-Over
David Spade from The Do-Over

David Spade on Working Again with Adam Sandler in The Do-Over

David Spade returns for another comic collaboration with Adam Sandler in Netflix‘s “The Do-Over,” playing a man mired in a boring existence who gets one more shot at life — if he can stay alive.

“We’ve always had a fun thing. He sort of knows what I can do — and what I can’t,” Spade told Made in Hollywood at “The Do-Over” premiere this week in Los Angeles. “This one was good because he put me in a new spot where I haven’t done a lot. It’s like ‘Tommy Boy’ where I was playing the straight man. So he goes: Try to do that again. So I did that more and he had to keep adjusting me a little bit but we got it down.”

“I like Spade,” deadpans Sandler. “He really had nothing going on with his life. I figured that would be good to help him out. Gave him the gig. He didn’t let me down. He was funny as hell in it.”

The Do-Over with David Spade Part of Adam Sandler’s Movie Deal with Netflix

Sandler, whose four-picture deal with Netflix launched with “The Ridiculous 6” — the most-watched movie of all time on the service — maintains a repertory of talent on both sides of the camera for all of his films. Among them is his brother-in-law, comic Chris Titone, who says the familiarity keeps the filmmaking process informal.

“This is the phone call I get: ‘Hey, I got something for you. You’re going to like it,'” Titone says. “That’s it. Maybe two weeks later: ‘Hey, hey, you’re really going to like this guy.’ I’m pretty sure as he’s writing it he’s changing it and saying, ‘Chris is going to love this.’ And maybe a month  before the movie, he’s like: ‘So I put dreds on you and a bone through your nose and you’re going to be all tatted up,’ and I’m like: ‘Whaaaat?’ And then I get the script and I see it.”

Even those new to the Sandler universe quickly get the family treatment. “I didn’t know him before. I just went in and auditioned,” says Renee Taylor, who plays Sandler’s mother. “And whenever he sees me he says, ‘Ma!'”