Does John Green Think About Writing Movies?

Having his books adapted as screenplays is icing on the cake for “Paper Towns” author John Green.

“I’m just trying to live inside the world of words as much as I can,” the writer, who is also responsible for last year’s hit “The Fault In Our Stars,” tells Made in Hollywood. “If someone wants to make a movie of it later, then we’ll have that discussion. But the book has to live as a book.”

Now that he’s had success with people wanting his young adult novels for the big screen, he admits the thought occasionally crosses his mind while he writes – but – he doesn’t let that take away from the points he wants to illustrate in his work.

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“Now that I’ve met actors and I’ve been on movie sets, it’s hard not to think about [the] possibility [of turning books into movies],” he says, “But … it’s almost become part of my writing process to try to forget all of that, and go into the story.”

The film – which centers around Quentin (Nat Wolff) setting out on a mission with his friends to find the girl next door Margo (Cara Delevingne), who mysteriously goes missing – hits theaters July 24.

Watch the trailer below.