Elijah Wood Says 'The Last Witch Hunter' Was 'Easier' Than Other Films

Elijah Wood is used to science fiction and fantasy as Frodo Baggins, a hobbit, in “The Lord of the Rings” films and “The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey.” But in his new film “The Last Witch Hunter,” he found the process “easier” because the Vin Diesel-led film didn’t rely on as much CGI magic.

“We were working with practical elements,” Wood tells Made in Hollywood. “We had massive sets that were built–even the monsters.” The 34-year-old added that some of the monsters featured in the film, including the sentinel, was an actual prop and not something created in post-production. “We had that on set and we could see it,” he explains. “It always makes your job easier when you’re surrounded by what’s supposed to be there.”

Wood describes his character Dolan 37th, an assistant to Diesel’s witch hunter character, as “someone who does all of the work in the background to make sure Vin’s character has all of the information he needs to track down the black-magic-practicing-witches that we need to keep away from humanity.”

It seems the collaboration between Wood and Diesel continued offscreen too. Diesel served as both the star and producer of the film.

“I love a collaboration,” Wood says, adding that he and his costar worked together to polish certain parts of the film. “There were certainly discussions about the script and scenes we had together.”

“The Last Witch Hunter” opens Friday. Watch the trailer below.