Ellen DeGeneres Speaks in Whale Voice Until Ed O'Neill Can't Take It Anymore

Ed O'Neill and Ellen DeGeneres from Finding Dory
Ed O’Neill and Ellen DeGeneres from Finding Dory

Ellen DeGenres Loves Her Whale Voice in Finding Dory – and Ed O’Neill Doesn’t

Want make a grumpy octopus even grumpier?

Just “talk whale” with Ellen DeGeneres.

Made in Hollywood reporter Kylie Erica Mar chatted with the “Finding Dory”  star in the same goofy Cetacean voice that talk host uses in the movie — until DeGeneres’s costar Ed O’Neill couldn’t take it anymore.

“I think there’s been enough whale spoken here now for the moment,” the “Modern Family” star, who voices octopus Hank, said.

Oh, whale.

Ellen DeGeneres Talks About Returning to Finding Dory 13 Years after Finding Nemo

Resuming her above-the-sea voice, DeGeneres then explains how it felt returning 13 years later for the sequel to Pixar’s mega-hit “Finding Nemo.”

“You still have to get into your car and drive to the studio. You’d think they could just phone you, and you’re laying in your bed and they could record you,” she jokes, adding that only the animation techniques have changed

“Just the fact that they could do an octopus, that technology alone is just crazy, it’s all so complex,” she says. “The rest of it is the same but is just a more beautiful result, I think.”

Kylie Erica Mar digs deep to summon her best whale voice
Kylie Erica Mar digs deep to summon her best whale voice

Ellen DeGeneres Crying Real Tears in Recording Studio for Finding Dory

The key thing that hasn’t changed were the genuine emotions in the story, which had DeGeneres crying in the recording studio right along with her character Dory.

“I was reading lines and I could feel what that felt like, and I know what abandonment feels like, and I know what loss and loneliness (feel like), and I have all that sadness in me,” she says. “I was like crying, literally tears coming down my face. I think you can tell that. If I was pretending to sniffle, I don’t think you could get the same feeling and you wouldn’t be feeling the way the audience feels at that moment.”

DeGeneres so thoroughly enjoyed doing her whale voice, she would have done the rest of the interview in it if O’Neill hadn’t raised his hand.

“I don’t speak whale in the movie,” he explains, “so I didn’t learn it.”