Find Out Who's Allison Janney's Favorite Minion

Allison Janney’s favorite character in the animated comedy “Minions” is not voiced by any of her A-list costars like Sandra Bullock, Jon Hamm or Michael Keaton. Wisely not bruising any Hollywood egos with her words, she reveals that it’s her movie’s boss — director-animator-voiceactor Pierre Coffin — whose character she enjoys the most.

“I think Bob is my favorite,” the 55-year-old told “Made in Hollywood” of the little servant whose voice is played by Coffin. “I just love him ’cause he’s got a little bit of fear in him, but he trusts in you with his heart. You just fall in love with him.”

It’s a safe pick for another reason: Coffin voices all the Minions.

As for Janney, she took on the voice of Madge Nelson – an experience she described as “exhausting,” but “a lot of fun.” “Minions,” the spinoff to the “Despicable Me” franchise, lands in theaters Friday. — Written by Dahvi Shira

Watch a clip of Janney’s favorite character Bob from “Minions” below:


Dahvi Shira