Finding Dory's Kaitlin Olson: Don't Worry, Dory Doesn't End Up Like Bambi's Mom

Ty Burrell and Kaitlin Olson from Finding Dory
Ty Burrell and Kaitlin Olson from Finding Dory

Finding Dory Star Kaitlin Olson Assures Us that Dory Survives the Movie

Disney’s animated family films can take sudden dark turns — just ask Bambi’s mother (fatally shot), Simba’s dad (crushed to death in stampede),  Lilo’s parents (killed in a car accident), or Cinderella’s father (fatal circumstances unknown). But for a last-minute princely kiss, Snow White too would have joined the body count.

So when Made in Hollywood reporter Kylie Erica Mar told “Finding Dory” voice stars Ty Burrell and Kaitlin Olson that she had worried about the fate Ellen DeGeneres‘s “Dory,” Olson offered some reassuring words.

“You thought they were going to kill her somewhere in there,” says Olson, who plays a whale named Destiny. “They don’t. Spoiler!”

Burrell added, “That is the happiest spoiler alert of all time.”

Olson emphasizes, “She survives the movie.”

Finding Dory’s Ty Burrell Marvels at How Disney Mixes Whimsy with Serious Issues

Not that Disney won’t mix a little weight with the whimsy, as Burrell found he when he was watching the original “Nemo” with his kids.

“It impacted me a lot because, like ‘Dory,’ they’re tackling some pretty serious stuff in the movie,” says Burrell, who plays a whale named Bailey. “And my kids were fine with it. I was nervous about it, but they were great with it and it’s a meaningful movie.”

Both also said they could relate to one of the movie’s themes — that the best things in life can happen by chance — because they’ve experienced it. They offered their best examples.

Why Kaitlin Olson, Ty Burrell Relate to Finding Dory’s Theme of Good Things Happening by Chance

“Meeting my husband on my TV show, which is a really stupid thing to do,” says Olson, married to “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia” costar and producer Rob McElhenney for eight years. “But it’s really the greatest thing that’s happened,”

“That’s awesome,” says Burrell.

“How cool is that? You would never recommend dating your costar — and boss,” she says. ” You don’t hear a lot of that working out. So far so good, guys. I still like him a lot.”

Burrell relates an almost identical happy chance occurrence.

“I would definitely say meeting my wife, too. It was also in a play, and those never work out,” says Burrell, who’s been married to actress Holly Burrell for 16 years. “There’s a term for it in the theater – ‘showmance.’ And when we see old friends who we were in the play with together, they all of them say they thought it was a ‘showmance.'”