'Frozen' Heats Up Interest in 'Elsa' as a Baby Name

Elsa and Anna from 'Frozen'
Elsa and Anna from ‘Frozen’

For the first time in about a century, the name Elsa is picking up popularity for American baby girls.

No doubt influenced by the success of Disney’s “Frozen” in 2013, the name became the 286th most common for girls last year — there were more than 1,000 little Elsas — the first time the name has entered the top 500 since 1917, the New York Times reports.

Interestingly, Anna didn’t get the same “Frozen” bounce, even thought that’s the name of the movie’s heroine, nor did Olaf — the snowman’s name — pick up popularity in the United States, according to a count of the first names of newborns getting Social Security cards in 2014.