Harrison Ford Has Grumpy Warning for Young Actors Wanting to Play Han Solo

Harrison Ford and Ellen DeGeneres
Harrison Ford and Ellen DeGeneres

Harrison Ford may be raking in as much as $34 million to play Han Solo one last time in “Star Wars: The Force Awakens.”

But the gig has its downsides, Ford said Tuesday on “The Ellen DeGeneres Show.”

Making a surprise appearance, Ford takes over the chair for his longtime furry partner Chewbacca and is asked how the iconic role will be carried on in the upcoming “Star Wars” prequel.

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“They are now auditioning a new Han Solo, right?” asks DeGeneres.

“Not a new Han Solo,” Ford corrects, “It’s worse than that. It’s a young Han Solo.”

When asked tips he has for the actors, Ford, 73, deadpans: “Don’t do it.”

He goes on to explain, “First, it seems everything’s going on swimmingly, and you put in 25, 30 years, and then they just let you go. … And they show you the door: ‘We’re done with you, thanks very much.'”

Watch “Made in Hollywood’s” full uncut interview with Harrison Ford below: