Harvey Weinstein Blasts Award Season: Films Get 'Cannibalized'

Film producer Harvey Weinstein
Film producer Harvey Weinstein

Harvey Weinstein, one of the most influential Hollywood heavy hitters, is calling for change in the film industry that has created an unfair disparity.

No, he’s not speaking of the lack of diversity onscreen, the unequal pay scale for women and the lack of opportunities for women and people of color in the director’s chair.

He begs for change of a different kind.

“The fall has become so dominated, so top-heavy with adult-driven awards releases that it has made it almost impossible for quality films to reach their full potential unless they dare release at another time of year, where they are quickly forgotten come awards season,” the co-chief of The Weinstein Co. wrote in an op-ed for The Hollywood Reporter. “Dozens of adult dramas opened in October, and everybody cannibalized each other.”

Weinstein, sites his films “Woman in Gold” and “Southpaw” as examples of summer releases that had praised performances from Helen Mirren and Jake Gyllenhaal that will be long forgotten come time for showbiz tastemakers to cast their Oscar ballots.

He says distributors “need to continue releasing smart and bold films year-round” and support independent film distribution “12 months a year, not just the last four” that lead up to Hollywood’s answer to the Olympics–the Academy Awards. “The same should go for critics, journalists, pundits and awards prognosticators. Be as loud a champion for a film in March.”

He adds, “Otherwise, our worst fears will be realized, with intelligent, daring adult dramas marginalized and cannibalized, and nothing but tentpoles left in their wake.”