Hollywood to Reboot The Rocketeer Starring a Black Actress

The Rocketeer
The Rocketeer

Disney to Reboot The Rocketeer Starring a Black Actress

“The Rocketeer” will soar again in a reboot of the 1991 action-adventure film, this time starring a black actress, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

Disney is in the early stages of the sequel-of-sorts to be called “The Rocketeers” with two professional athletes among the producers: Blake Griffin of the Los Angeles Clippers and Ryan Kalil of the Carolina Panthers.

The original “The Rocketeer,”  based on a 1980s indie comic by Dan Stevens, paid tribute to old-time movie serials. Starring Billy Campbell as Secord and Jennifer Connelly as his Betty Page-type girlfriend, the film opened in a disappointing fourth place with $46.6 million — but then gained a cult following in home video and revival screenings.

The new version will be topped by a black actress, according to The Hollywood Reporter, though nobody has been cast or even mentioned as a lead.

The casting news appears to reflects Hollywood’s response to the uproar over its lack of diversity, the #HollywoodSoWhite controversy fueled by the all-white slate of acting nominees for the second Academy Awards in a row. The movie Academy has since expanded its slate of members to include more women and minorities and made other changes in procedures.