How Gerard Butler Amped Up Angela Bassett for Action in 'London Has Fallen'

Gerard Butler and Angela Bassett in London Has Fallen
Gerard Butler and Angela Bassett in “London Has Fallen”

Angela Bassett Turns Action Star for ‘London Has Fallen’

Angela Bassett has stepped — make that leaped — out of her comfort zone!
“I’ve done maybe a little bit of action in the past, but never, ever, absolutely not to this degree,” the star of the high-octane “London Has Fallen” tells Made in Hollywood. “You know, you just come physically prepared and open mentally for whatever and just be ready to amp it up and have that adrenaline just surge through you and just take that ride, yeah.”

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Angela Bassett: Credits Costar Gerard Butler’s Energy

She credits costar Gerard Butler for energizing her for her role as Lynne Jacobs in the sequel to the political drama “Olympus Has Fallen.”

“[He] has all the energy in the world,” Basset said. “So you can be like a little bit of a vampire and suck a little bit off of him.”

The film hits theaters on Friday. — Dahvi Shira

Watch Made in Hollywood’s full uncut interview with Angela Bassett and Gerard Butler below: