How ‘Self/Less’ Sent Natalie Martinez on an Emotional Roller Coaster

Anger? Check. Sadness? Double-check. Confused? You bet.

Natalie Martinez explored those feelings and more while filming the sci-fi thriller “Self/Less.”

Playing Madeline, the wife of Ryan Reynolds, Martinez copes with the very inconvenient fact that her husband’s consciousness is taken over by Ben Kingsley’s elderly dying cancer patient.

“Just the thought of having your loved one who you thought was gone – presumed dead – in front of you creates an emotion of its own,” Martinez tells “Made in Hollywood.” “When you (miss) your husband who you haven’t seen in so long, and he doesn’t want you because he’s a totally different person, it’s like all these emotions are there.”

Keeping up “emotional stamina” throughout filming was “easy,” Martinez says, explaining, “The writing was great [and] the scenes called for it. They live there and it’s very easy to kind of get into, but it was a roller coaster. There was constantly, am I crying? Am I mad? Am I angry? Am I confused? What’s going on right now?” — Written by Dahvi Shira