How The Conjuring 2 Stars Found the Fun in the Frights

Frances O'Connor and Madison Wolfe from The Conjuring 2
Frances O’Connor and Madison Wolfe from The Conjuring 2

The Conjuring 2 Stars Found Fun Amid the Horror Mayhem on Set

“The Conjuring 2” will have many moviegoers hiding their eyes and jumping with fright watching  this real-life story of an English house invaded by malicious spirits. But the actors said that while shooting the horror movie they managed to keep their cool amid the mayhem.

“I freaked myself out researching it, but when I got on set it was actually really fun,” Frances O’Connor, who plays the single mom with the haunted home, tells Made in Hollywood reporter Patrick Stinson. “There’s a few moments we had where they had stuff on wires and you couldn’t see them and it just looked like stuff was moving by itself. That was scary. Generally, it was really great fun.”

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Madison Wolfe, who plays her demon-possessed daughter, agrees. “There were scenes that I maybe thought: This is going to be scary on the screen,” she says. “But I was never really scared or intimidated on set.”

The Conjuring 2 Gave Actors a Real Workout Running from Evil Spirits

Starring Vera Farmiga and Patrick Wilson as paranormal experts called in to rid the house of the spirits, “The Conjuring 2” taxed the stars in other ways, however, giving them all a workout from being chased by ghosts.

“You’re running on adrenaline a lot of the time because you’re kind of manufacturing fear all the time,” says O’Connor. “It is very exhausting. But it’s fun at the same time.”

Wolfe got a particularly vigorous workout with some of her high-flying scenes. “I actually did do my own stunts — all of them that they would let me,” she says. “That was probably one of my favorite parts of shooting. I loved the stunts. It was just cool to me to see how that all worked.”

Also appealing was the fact that this horror story was based on true events.

“I think it helped that it was a real story because there was so much research you could do to kind of get in there and make it feel like it was real for you,” says O’Connor. “It was actually really interesting researching all the documentation on it.”

Adds Wolfe, “It helps a lot to really relating to your character and I know for me it made me want to tell their story correctly because if it’s based on a real person you feel this sort of responsibility that you owe them a good performance.”