How 'Zootopia' Made Jason Bateman a Cool Dad

Jason Bateman
Jason Bateman stars in “Zootopia.”

Jason Bateman’s Kids Are Wilde About ‘Zootopia’

Jason Bateman says voicing Nick Wilde in Disney’s animated mammal metropolis comedy “Zootopia” went over quite well at home.

“My daughter was excited about so much about this film,” Bateman tells Made in Hollywood. “It was such a bullseye for her.”

Given that these are “really the only films I get to see now with my kids,” Bateman says it’s a no-brainer that he’d want to be a part of “Zootopia,” which opens Friday.

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“I’ve been dying to be a part of one of their films for a long time, and you want to wait your turn and you just hope and cross your fingers that your career goes in such a way that you get on their list,” he says. “It’s a really privileged thing to be invited to. … It’s really nice to be a part of one.”

‘Zootopia’ Soundtrack: Jason Bateman Says Shakira Song Is a Hit at Home

The soundtrack to the film is an added bonus for his daughter as well.

“Shakira will certainly be on a loop I imagine right when the movie gets released,” Bateman says. “I’m not sure, but that song is great. Sia [who co-wrote the song], I’m lucky enough to be friendly with back home and she knows my daughter, too.”

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The soundtracks to other animated films have helped the daddy-daughter duo bond from the beginning of time.

“I remember the first [animated film] my 9-year-old and I really enjoyed together was ‘Princess and the Frog,’ ” Bateman said. “We listened to the soundtrack over and over and over and over again going to school during kindergarten and first grade – pre-K even. But obviously, you know, ‘Frozen’ is always on heavy rotation. You name it, I don’t think there are really we haven’t seen. It’s pretty amazing.” — Dahvi Shira

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