Hulk Finally Speaks! Mark Ruffalo Reveals What He Says in Thor: Ragnarok

Mark Ruffalo from Thor: Ragnarok
Mark Ruffalo from Thor: Ragnarok

After grunting and growling through the “Avengers” franchise, Mark Ruffalo‘s alter-ego Hulk at long last gets to talk in “Thor: Ragnarok.” Made in Hollywood reporter Kylie Erica Mar uses this occasion as a springboard to ask “Four for Thor” questions of the star:

Four things he liked about playing a Hulk that actually speaks

“He’s not just always angry.”

“He has his own apartment.”

“People think he’s the most amazing thing on the planet.”

“He finally gets to tell Thor what he really feels about the Avengers.”

Four things about that apartment:





Four things he hopes star Robert Downey Jr will say to him after the movie comes out:

“Ruffalo, amazing.”

“Ruffalo, great job.”

“Ruffalo, I can’t believe that movie made more money than any ‘Avengers’ movie.”

“Ruffalo, I’m surprised you got a nomination out of that, you a-hole.”