Ice Cube on Making 'Ride Along 2' Funnier, Bigger and More Exciting

Ice Cube says that “Miami showed us so much love” while shooting “Ride Along 2” that he wanted to give that love right back by holding the world premiere Wednesday night in South Beach.

Starring again with Kevin Hart in the action-comedy about a cop (Cube) and a ride-along civilian (Hart) engaged to his sister, Cube says the the goal of the sequel was “to be funnier, to be bigger, to have more action, to just keep it exciting, to make sure it was a ride.”

His verdict: “We achieved it all.”

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Even if filming had to be interrupted now and then by the inability of costar Ken Jeong to hold it together on set. “That dude is like a pound of giggles, man, all he can do is laugh, mess up takes,” said Cube. “We had so much fun. It built a cool chemistry.”

“Ride Along 2” opens January 15. Watch the trailer below: