If Anna Kendrick and Rebel Wilson of Pitch Perfect 3 Could Be Different Bellas, They'd Choose ...

Anna Kendrick and Rebel Wilson from Pitch Perfect 3.
Anna Kendrick and Rebel Wilson from Pitch Perfect 3.

Rebel Wilson didn’t hesitate. When Made in Hollywood reporter Julie Harkness Arnold asked her  which Bella in “Pitch Perfect 3” she would ever trade places with, Wilson said,  “Beca, for sure.”

Ditto, Brittany Snow. “I would want to be Beca because I love music and I also love, in my weird world in my  head, I’m a DJ, even though I’m not. But I would have loved to have been.”

So who would Anna Kendrick, who plays Beca, switch with?

“I would be Lilly,” she said of Hana Mae Lee’s spacey Bella. “Lilly is the best — just like standing there being creepy and saying the weirdest lines.”

Not that it’s an easy job.

“Sometimes I feel sorry for Hana,” said Wilson, “because she can’t talk how we talk in the scenes because she’s limited by that comedic device.”

For her part, Lee joins the Kendrick fan club. “Beca, for sure!” she said.

Which gave Kendrick an idea. “Maybe we could switch if we do another one,” she said.