How Independence Day 2 Star Jessie T. Usher Scored His Role at the Gym

Maika Monroe and Jessie T. Usher from Independence Day: Resurgence
Maika Monroe and Jessie T. Usher from Independence Day: Resurgence

Independence Day 2 Star Jessie T. Usher Lands His Role at the Gym

To be successful in Hollywood, it’s not just who you know but where you exercise. So discovered Jessie T. Usher when he went after a plum role in “Independence Day: Resurgence”

“My process was out of the ordinary,” he tells Made in Hollywood reporter Kylie Erica Mar. “I met Harald (Kloser), who was the executive producer on this film, at the gym.”

Kloser, also a composer who was doing the music for the “Independence Day” sequel, told Usher about other projects he was working on but Usher had his mind set on “Resurgence.”

“And I told him like a joke: I want to be in this,” recalls Usher, best known for playing a basketball phenom on the Starz series “Survivors Remorse.”  “I guess we kind of got talking a little bit and we just developed a liking for each other and eventually I sent him some footage of some stuff that I’ve done before. He showed it to Roland.”

Roland is Roland Emmerich, the director and co-writer of “Resurgence.” Says Usher: “They sent me an offer.”

Independence Day 2 Star Maika Monroe Had a Longer Path to Getting Cast

That wasn’t exactly how it worked with all the actors.

“Good for him, right?” grumbled his costar Maika Monroe, who had to get her part the normal way through auditions and a screen test.

A slightly defensive Usher responded, “It was over a period of like six months, though. It was a lot of phone calls.”

But Monroe wasn’t ready to give up the good-natured ribbing.

“I wasn’t cool like that,” she says.

One experience the young stars did share was getting their first look at the huge blue-screen sets.

“I was just like in awe,” says Monroe. “This is a whole another level.”

“I couldn’t believe how massive the scale was,” adds Usher. “I was blown away. My only question was: Where do I look? It’s all just blue. Where’s stuff happening at?”