Does 'The Last Witch Hunter' Cast a Spell on Critics?

The Last Witch Hunter

Even with a high-quality cast, it sounds like viewers should hope this is the first and last of “The Last Witch Hunter.”

Critics say that the Breck Eisner-directed action-adventure film, which stars Vin Diesel, Michael Caine and Elijah Wood, is unfulfilling, poorly cast and can’t be taken seriously. It received only a 19 percent rating on Rotten Tomatoes.

Read on to see what else the reviewers are saying about the movie, which  centers around Diesel playing a witch hunter cursed with immortality:

“‘The Last Witch Hunter’ does not work as campy escapism or as a guilty pleasure or as one of those movies so unintentionally funny you have to admit you were entertained from the hokey prelude through a finale that is such an obvious grab for a sequel one of the characters might as well have said, ‘I feel like there’s another chapter in this story!’ It’s just deadly and dreadful, loud and obnoxious, convoluted and irritating, horrible and dumb.” — Richard Roeper, Chicago Sun-Times

” ‘The Last Witch Hunter’ manages to be both overly complicated and painfully predictable at the same time. The lame plot has acting’s answer to drywall … ‘The Last Witch Hunter’ could have worked if the script had been re-written to create more surprises, Diesel had been replaced by a better actor, the pacing by director Breck Eisner not been so painfully slow, and the supporting cast been either better or used better. At least it isn’t in 3-D.” — Scott Garfield, The Fresno Bee

Despite mostly poor reviews, at least some commend the film’s visuals.

“The special effects are pretty neat, and the filmmakers utilize them smartly, delivering imaginative set pieces that are more visually compelling than the usual series of digital explosions. Among the highlights are some scene-shifting hallucination sequences and a monster made from rotted trees and pieces of human skeletons.” — Ben Sachs, Chicago Reader

Watch the trailer below.