Jake Gyllenhaal Defends Fork-Scratching (Sorry We Asked)

Jake Gyllenhaal is jabbing back at anyone who thinks he doesn’t have manners.

The “Southpaw” actor responded to a recent paparazzi photo showing him itching his back with a fork. In the caption, the tabloid called him “uncouth.”

“Let me just say something: Oh, they determine what’s couth and uncouth?” he asked Jimmy Fallon Tuesday on “The Tonight Show.” “Come on, are you kidding me? You take a picture behind my back and call me uncouth!”

Gyllenhaal was unapologetic about using the kitchen utensil to scratch his itch, even asking, “Why is that weird?”

“That’s what my dad does, that’s what I was taught as a kid,” he said “That has many uses, a fork. It’s not just used to eat with it. You can pick other things up with it.”

He continued to sing the praises of the common tool.

“We’re all so worried about getting dirty and we’re all using anti-bacterial stuff,” he said. “I’m like, it’s fine. My back is clean, you know what I mean? It’s not even my back, it’s my shirt.”

Fallon then gifted his guest with, what else, a fork, albeit an extendable fork.

“So many uses,” the actor said of his gift, while scratching his beard with it. “This is way too much fun.”