Jennifer Lawrence Cites Her Female 'Mentality' for Unfair Pay

When Jennifer Lawrence complained last month after learning that her male costars in “American Hustle” earned a bigger payday than she, the Oscar winner described them as “lucky people with d—s.”

Now she’s clarifying her words that were published in an open essay on Lena Dunham’s Lenny blog. There is no man to blame, the “Hunger Games” actress told an audience of reporters during a recent promotional event for the film. Nor is Sony to blame, the studio behind the film, or any institutional, systematic forms of discrimination in Hollywood. Instead, she blames herself.

“It wasn’t so much complaining that I wasn’t getting paid more because I’m a woman,” she said, clarifying her past comments, “it was more of how my mentality got in my own way.” She added that during negotiations she gave up “fighting just as hard as the men to get a better deal.”

“Is that because I’m a woman?” she speculated. “I hoped to write about how my own fears of how am I going to look… or judge me got in the way,” she explained. “Obviously the men don’t think that way.”

By her logic, Lawrence said she believes she earned less money than her male counterparts because she thinks and behaves like a woman. But discrimination in Hollywood isn’t a matter of “mentality”–it is a matter of reality.

According to a University of Southern California study released earlier this year, data revealed that discrimination against women and people of color in showbusiness is a routine practice that extends beyond wage gaps.

Bradley Cooper, who played opposite Lawrence in “American Hustle,” reportedly negotiated a higher salary than her in the hit heist flick, taking in 9 percent of proceeds from the film versus her 7 percent, according to an email leaked after a cyber attack on Sony earlier this year. In fact, leaked correspondence revealed that costars Christian Bale and Jeremy Renner all received higher salaries than Lawrence.

Adding that she believes there was “no foul play” between the studio and the cast to pay her unfairly, she continued: “Many exceptions have to be made when you have that many movie stars making a movie.”