Jennifer Lawrence Reveals Secret Serious Side of Passengers Costar Chris Pratt

Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Pratt of Passengers
Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Pratt of Passengers

Jennifer Lawrence on the Serious Side of Passengers Costar Chris Pratt

Chris Pratt is known as a goofball in front of the camera and behind the scenes, but Jennifer Lawrence saw a totally unexpected side of him during the grueling shoot of their space romance-adventure “Passengers.”

“Shooting movies is tough. You’re away from your friends and family for months at a time and it’s really long hours, but we had each other to lean on,” the actress tells Made in Hollywood reporter Julie Harkness Arnold. “Pratt made me laugh every minute, which is very  helpful. But he’s also an amazing leader.”

She saw that up-close during the difficult time in the middle of filming. “Morale was really low,” she exaplains, “Everybody was really exhausted and working overtime every day, and he just gave the speech to our crew and thanked them for all their hard work. It was really inspiring and amazing.”

Jennifer Lawrence, Chris Pratt Wake Up in Space in Passengers

“Passengers” tells the story of two space travelers placed into hibernation for a 120-year voyage to another planet who suddenly wake up because of a mysterious glitch, forcing them to come to terms with growing old together, trapped in their spaceship while the rest of the passengers blissfully sleep.

“It was unlike anything I’d ever done before. It was a challenge,” says Pratt. “It was fascinating and it was fun. The workload is much heavier on a movie like this for an actor, for us, because it’s just us through the course of the whole movie. So we didn’t have any days off .”

With the film’s success hinging on the chemistry between the stars, “I saw that as a challenge and something I was really excited about,” says Pratt. “And I got really lucky. I mean, Jen is freakin’ amazing, and spending time with her every day was really a treat, I mean honestly. As hard as it was, as homesick as I was, as long of days as we worked and for so many days in a row, I was really sad to see it go, simply because we just developed such a great friendship.”