John Cho Says, 'Spoilers, Shmoilers,' and Reveals a Star Trek Beyond Plot Twist

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John Cho and Zoe Saldana from Star Trek Beyond

John Cho Spills a Spoiler from Star Trek Beyond

We know from the official synopsis the Starship Enterprise crash lands on an alien world in “Star Trek Beyond.” How bad that crash really is we now know from loose-lipped star John Cho, who says, “Who cares, spoilers, shmoilers.”

So what’s the Trek twist?

“The Enterprise gets destroyed in this movie,” he tells Made in Hollywood reporter Patrick Stinson. “The Enterprise is our home and gets destroyed, and we’re basically homeless on this planet and the rest of the movie is us trying to get together and get back to our family again.”

Zoe Saldana Was Freaked Out by Star Trek Beyond Plot Twist

Yep, no more Enterprise, if Sulu has his facts straight, and from costar Zoe Saldana, who first got the news from director Justin Lin, it seems he has.

“I was freaked out when I was told by Justin that that’s what he wanted to do,” says Saldana, who plays Uhura. “I thought it was a bold move. I  wasn’t negative about it. I was curious to see how he would pull it off.”

The verdict? “I like it. It works,” she says.

By scattering the Enterprise crew in a dangerous wilderness, it creates new pairings between characters, revealing new sides of them.

“I think what it’s going to bring to the audience is a glimpse of every crew member and how important and vital they are to the coming-together of ‘Star Trek’ on the Enterprise,” says Saldana.

Adds Cho: “It gave us a sense of how these characters care for one another. Typically each of us are relating to Kirk, but now when we split apart you can see some of the inter-relationships, seeing how Uhura and Sulu took care of one another. I thought it was a nice color to the story.”