Kate Hudson on Making First Movie with Kurt Russell in Deepwater Horizon


Kate Hudson from Deepwater Horizon
Kate Hudson from Deepwater Horizon

Kate Hudson on Making first Movie with Stepdad Kurt Russell in Deepwater Horizon

As a member of a famous Hollywood family, Kate Hudson grew up on the movie sets of her mom Goldie Hawn and stepdad Kurt Russell. But “Deepwater Horizon” marked the first time Hudson appeared in a film with Russell.

“It was really great to be on a set together again. It reminded me of being a kid, being with my dad, hanging with him on sets and stuff,” Hudson tells Made in Hollywood reporter Patrick Stinson. “I don’t get to spend that kind of time with him anymore. So any time you get it, I just soak it up.”

Shooting “Deepwater Horizon” proved to be an even larger family affair for Hudson, who was raised by Russell since she was a toddler. (Hawn’s first husband, singer Bill Hudson, is the father of Kate and her brother Oliver).

“It wasn’t something that was pre-planned; we didn’t come as a package. We weren’t like a package deal,” she says. “My brother was also down here in New Orleans shooting ‘Scream Queens.’ We had all of the kids. I had my nieces and nephews, and then I had my two boys. So Kurt got all his grandkids in one place in the summer.”

Deepwater Horizon with Kate Hudson Dramatizes Environmental Diaster

The story of the worst environmental disaster in American history, “Deepwater Horizon” — starring Mark Wahlberg — dramatizes the raging fire and spill on a Gulf oil rig in 2010. But often lost in the extension news coverage was the fact that 11 people died.

“Obviously the environmental aspect was critical and very much the focus because it’s disastrous,” says Hudson. “It will be nice to have the people of Deepwater Horizon (and) the families to honor and to see what really happened. Seeing it from afar, you see this fire, and you’re like: Oh, no, what about the oil? But you forget there’s people on that rig trying to keep it afloat and trying to save people.”