Ken Jeong Calls Ice Cube the ‘Ultimate Straight Man’

Ice Cube has a poker face to envy. So much so that his “Ride Along 2” costars Ken Jeong and Olivia Munn are praising his ability to stay focused and not break character when they filmed their comedy.

“I think Cube is the ultimate straight man,” Jeong, sitting alongside Munn, tells Made in Hollywood. “He’s so great at keeping a scene together and keeping it grounded.”

The actor-comedian adds that Cube’s acting ability is “so underrated.”

“In the sense that he can keep a scene together for people like me and Kevin (Hart) to play—to be kind of loose because he can hold the whole scene,” he explains.

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In “Ride Along 2,” Cube plays the tough, stone-faced detective paired with rookie lawman Hart’s character, who happens to be his future brother-in-law. Jeong plays a tech guru who defects from a crime boss (Benjamin Bratt), and Munn plays a Miami-based police officer who teams up with Cube and Hart’s characters.

Though Cube was disciplined during the filming, it was a challenge for Munn to not burst into laughter. “I did not keep my composure,” she admits. “He said, ‘you get used to it.’”

Of course, Cube was already familiar with working opposite funnyman Hart. The actors are reprising their roles in the follow-up to the 2014 film.