'Knight of Cups' Reveals the Emptiness That Can Accompany Life in Los Angeles

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Freida Pinto in “Knight of Cups”

‘Knight of Cups’: Freida Pinto Says Film Explores Emptiness

The land of so many can feel so bare.

In “Knight of Cups,” Christian Bale‘s character Rick sets out on a journey through Los Angeles and Las Vegas on a mission to essentially find himself. Throughout his quest, he experiences a series of emotions while encountering  a variety of different people who help craft his story.

As his costar Freida Pinto points out, success doesn’t happen overnight, and that may be a big contributing factor to the somewhat loneliness Rick feels.

“Instant gratification is really what everybody wants,” Pinto, who plays model Helen, says in an interview for the film. “So, the waiting, which is life, I think — you’re constantly waiting. In that moment when you’re waiting, instead of being dissatisfied by not being hit by something immediately, [there’s] the simmering of it. Let it just simmer. It’s a very different experience and it requires you to let go so much.”

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Christian Bale stars in “Knight of Cups”

‘Knight of Cups’: Soul-Searching in Los Angeles

As for his part, Bale acknowledges that his character, a writer, “doesn’t know  what he’s searching for.”

And coming to these towns of big hopes and dreams can produce a “sense of emptiness,” he says. “He needs something. And he doesn’t know what the hell that thing is, which I think an awful lot of people can relate to. Very few people know exactly what it is that’s going to be the answer to their feeling of emptiness. It can strike people who are successful or not successful, who feel like they’ve achieved their dreams or nowhere near it.”

Isabel Lucas, who plays Isabel — an innocent woman with good intentions for Rick — says the world can become an even darker place when we choose paths that don’t suit us.

“Rick’s character is a good man who has sort of become distracted by the world,” Lucas explains.

“By the physical and the material world, and the distractions and the shadow side of Hollywood and being a screenwriter, and being seduced by a lot of things that when you don’t listen to yourself, you can go down these kind of back alley lines of life and go and get a bit strayed from your path, from yourself. And I think that in a way, he’s sort of become quite lost and disconnected, and he doesn’t feel so much anymore.”

Teresa Palmer, who plays stripper Karen, echoes Lucas’ thoughts.

“I think you meet many different people in such different places in their life, particularly in Los Angeles. And it’s about making choices, right? Choosing — having that conscious choice: What do I take from this person?  What does this person take from me? And what’s the lesson that I get from that person?

The Terrence Malick-directed romance drama, which also stars Natalie Portman, Wes Bentley and Cate Blanchett, hits select theaters on Friday.