Kristen Stewart: 'American Ultra' Feels Like 'Adventureland 2 Goes Richter'

Six years after “Adventureland,” Kristen Stewart and Jesse Eisenberg are together again in “American Ultra.”

But any similarities between the two movies, Stewart tells Made in Hollywood, quickly blow up like some of the more spectacular explosions in “Ultra.”

“It was shocking because it feels like ‘Adventureland 2’ until it just like goes Richter and everyone tries to kill us,” the actress says.

This was the rare script that Stewart read cold because her pal Eisenberg had warmed to the story of a stoner who, unknown to everyone — including himself — is a secret government agent.

“I was lucky enough to read it without anyone telling me about it first because oftentimes you get a script and it has sort of a synopsis,” she says. “I didn’t know anything about it other than he wanted to do it … and I’ll be like: if he thought it was good it probably was good.”

“American Ultra” opens Friday nationwide.