Kristen Stewart on Reuniting with Jesse Eisenberg in Cafe Society: 'I Love Him'

Kristen Stewart in Cafe Society

Kristen Stewart on Working on Third Movie with Jesse Eisenberg: I Love Him

“Cafe Society” brought Kristen Stewart and Jesse Eisenberg together for the third time on film, following “Adventureland” in 2009 and “American Ultra” last year. Each time, the actress says, the experience gets better.

“I love him. Genuinely he is one of my favorite people,” Stewart tells Made in Hollywood reporter Damaris Diaz. “It’s nice when you don’t have to fabricate something and realize that you both like something for a reason and find out why and sort of figure it out together — and feel like I could never mess up. It’s a good feeling.”

This was particularly true since the Woody Allen-directed “Cafe Society” forced Stewart to amp up her energy level to play the vivacious Vonnie. The movie tells the story of a young man (Eisenberg) who leaves Brooklyn for glamorous 1930s Hollywood where he falls for Stewart’s character even though she’s the mistress of his boss.

“Initially, I had to find my way into that energy,” Stewart says. “She is somebody that’s super-inviting, her energizing is contagious and very light, and the only way the story would work is if you kind of loved her.”

Kristen Stewart Had to Down Down the Swagger for Cafe Society

If anything, at first Stewart over-did it. “Every day, the main direction from Woody was, ‘It’s great, it’s great. You look like you’re walking through the doors of a saloon,'” she says. “I had to drop the swagger and be sweet.”

Stewart also had to adjust to the movie’s more reflective tone. “It’s something that’s always looking back, and I try to be present, I try to be as present as I possibly can,” she says. “But I think it’s a nice reminder to sort of allow yourself to really appreciate everything you’ve gone through, whether it’s hard then. (Vonnie) has this amazing ability to look back and go: You know, everything happened the way it should and here I am.”

Woody Allen’s Movie Style Came Naturally to Kristen Stewart in Cafe Society

One area that came naturally — to her surprise — was adapting to Allen’s filmmaking style. “It’s weird, his movies feel like very particular to him, and there’s a language and a rhythm and things that feel Woody Allen-y,” Stewart says. “But he doesn’t ever tell you how to do that. It’s written that way. He’s very casual. He’s not precious about his material at all. He’s like: Say whatever you want. Which is shocking, since it’s so much in the writing. I don’t know how he does it, but he sort of instills that. It just happens.”