Kristen Stewart's Personal Shopper Divides Cannes with Boos, Standing Ovation

Kristen Stewart in Personal Shopper, both cheered and booed at Cannes Film Festival
Kristen Stewart in Personal Shopper, both cheered and booed at Cannes Film Festival

Kristen Stewart’s Personal Shopper Gets Boos, Then Cheers from Separate Cannes Audiences

Cannes Film Festival audiences are notorious for booing movies, which is exactly what happened after a screening of Kristen Stewart‘s ghost story “Personal Shopper.” Then a strange thing happened. At the next screening the film received a four-and-a-half-minute standing ovation.

“When you come to Cannes, you have to be prepared for everything, really. You just go with the flow,” the film’s director, Olivier Assayas, said Tuesday, according to USA Today.

Media Crowd Responded with Boos Mixed with Applause to Personal Shopper with Kristen Stewart

The roller-coaster reception began on Monday when the media and critics watched “Personal Shopper,” about a celebrity’s fashion assistant (Stewart) who can communicate with spirits. The media crowd reacted with boos, albeit mixed with applause.

“Everyone did not boo,” noted Stewart. “Let’s be clear.”

But the response was unanimously positive at the next night’s premiere. The Hollywood Reporter’s Chris Gardner timed the standing O at 4:30 minutes and Tweeted that “Kstew looks stoked, hugging costars.”

Mystery Why Personal Shopper with Kristen Stewart So Divided Cannes

Why the film so divided Cannes crowds remained a bit of a mystery.

“Did the film deserve the chorus of jeers (which was by no means unanimous, it bears noting) and hisses?” asked TheWrap’s Ben Croll, who saw the film. “Well, of course not. No movie deserves booing, let alone one so rich with ideas and formal approaches as this. But I’ll grant that for all its merits, ‘Personal Shopper’ is something of a hot mess.”

Apparently, it’s the ending that’s throwing people. Not to give anything away, but audience members appeared baffled by it, then angry at being baffled. Assayas admitted as much: “It happens to me once in a while, where people just don’t get the ending.”

Watch a trailer for “Personal Shopper” below: