Leonard DiCaprio: Why I Didn't Play Anakin Skywalker

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Only in a galaxy far, far away called Hollywood would a young actor walk away from taking a lead role as Anakin Skywalker in George Lucas’ “Star Wars” prequels.

Leonardo DiCaprio admitted in an interview with ShortList.com that he did meet with the director, but wasn’t convinced the part was right for him.

Prying further, the website asked if Lucas “wanted you, but you didn’t fancy it?” He responded: “Um, right. Exactly.”

As it turns out, it was a wise decision–and Hayden Christiansen agrees. Then an unknown 19-year-old, Christiansen catapulted to worldwide fame as Anakin Skywalker, but he now regrets taking on the character, he admitted during a recent interview with the Los Angeles Times.

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Two years following “Revenge of the Sith,” Christiansen quit showbiz to become a farmer in 2007. Now back in the game starring in indie flick “90 Minutes in Heaven,” he told Los Angeles Times that he felt his status and fame was not well-earned after “Star Wars.” “It all kind of felt a little too handed to me,” he said.

DiCaprio likened turning down the role to “dodging a bullet”–as he did when he turned down playing Robin in Joel Schumacher’s “Batman Forever.”

“Again, just didn’t feel ready to take that dive. At that point,” DiCaprio said of declining to star in both action films.

DiCaprio added that he “never screen-tested” to play Robin, but he “had a meeting” with its director Schumacher. “As I recall I took the meeting, but didn’t want to play the role,” he explained. “Joel Schumacher is a very talented director but I don’t think I was ready for anything like that.”

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Chris O’Donnell, who now stars on “NCIS: Los Angeles,” took on the role of superhero Robin opposite Val Kilmer.

Much like playing Robin and playing Anakin Skywalker, Hollywood courted DiCaprio with portraying “Spider-Man” in the 2002 live-action movie.

“That was another one of those situations, similar to Robin, where I didn’t feel ready to put on that suit yet,” DiCaprio recalled. “They got in touch with me.”

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His friend and “Great Gatsby” costar Tobey Maguire took the part.

Though capes, costumes, masks and lightsabers have evaded his career, playing a superhero is not out of the question for the Oscar-nominated actor.

“You never know. You never know. They’re getting better and better as far as complex characters in these movies. I haven’t yet. But no, I don’t rule out anything.”