Leonardo DiCaprio Doesn't Want Fans to See Leaked 1996 Indie Movie 'Don's Plum'

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Leonardo DiCaprio attending the Los Angeles premiere of his movie “The Beach” in 2000.

Leonardo DiCaprio: Embarrassing Indie Film ‘Don’s Plum’ Blocked

Two decades after its release, Leonardo DiCaprio still doesn’t want anyone to watch his hardly-seen indie flick “Don’s Plum.” That’s probably because the “Revenant” Oscar contender might be embarrassed by the improvised 1996 “Kids”-like drama.

Filmed after his “Titanic” success, he ad-libs details on sex with prostitutes, calls women “sluts” and “whores,” and, perhaps most offensively, picks his nose and devours its contents.

The actor successfully removed the film from free online streaming on Wednesday, according to the website Freedonsplum.com, which made available the movie for hours before it was quickly shut down through DiCaprio’s legal maneuvers, according to statement on the website.

“It breaks my heart to inform you that Leonardo DiCaprio has once again blocked only American and Canadian audiences from enjoying Don’s Plum,” the film’s director R.D. Robb wrote. “It’s a sad commentary that in 2016 we witness the suppression of film and art by one of America’s most beloved actors.”

Leonardo DiCaprio: ‘Don’s Plum’ Cast Featured His Real-Life Showbiz Friends

The black and white movie features DiCaprio and a group of friends chatting at a diner. It stars Tobey Maguire, who also reportedly joined DiCaprio to aggressively block the film, Kevin Connolly, Jenny Lewis, Jeremy Sisto, Jeremy Sisto’s sister Meadow Sisto, Amber Benson and Heather McComb.

Variety called the cast an “unpleasant and tedious ensemble.”

Where to View Leonardo DiCaprio’s ‘Don’s Plum’Movie

In a 1996 Detour magazine interview, DiCaprio said his participation was “a favor” for Robb. North American distribution was not a part of DiCaprio and Maguire’s agreement, reportedly.

According to the website, an “explosive argument” between Maguire and Robb “severed” friendships with DiCaprio.

Still, the movie screened at Sundance in 1997.

Don’s Plum: Lawsuit Has Screening Provisions

Legal teams for DiCaprio and Maguire halted its distribution for the next two years. Finally, in 1999 the parties reached a settlement and signed a “grant of rights prohibiting distribution in North America.”

Even so, Robb claims it is his creative right to share his work with any audience.

“Although the film remains banned in the US and Canada, as a writer and producer I am making the film available under my copyright for the sole purpose of promoting my work as an independent filmmaker,” he wrote on the website.