Luke Bracey and Eric Ramirez on the 'Awesome' Wave Scene in 'Point Break'

For Luke Bracey and Edgar Ramirez, filming the dramatic surfing scene in “Point Break” was, in a word, “awesome.”

“I know the word gets used too much but it is actually awesome,”  Bracey tells Made in Hollywood. “Edgar and I were so happy to be there and experience something as insane as this wave. It’s special—it’s so scary. It’s like this monster that rises out of the Pacific Ocean with this amazing explosion of beauty and power.”

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In the re-imagining of the 1991 action-thriller directed by Ericson Core, Bracey stars as Johnny Utah—the role Keanu Reeves originated—who goes undercover to investigate a group of extreme sports athletes who utilize their skill sets in surfing, skydiving and more to pull off elaborate heists. Ramirez plays Bodhi (the late Patrick Swayze’s original role), who is suspected by the FBI as the group’s ringleader.

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Filming “Point Break” took the actors on a global trek where they performed heart-racing stunts amid sweeping landscapes in Germany, Austria, Italy, Switzerland, France, Mexico, Venezuela, French Polynesia and India.

But it is experiencing the enormity of the large wave that Ramirez calls “surreal.” “It is actually majestic,” he says. “It humbles you to see the majesty of nature in such a way.”