Macaulay Culkin Updates 'Home Alone' Role as Twisted Adult

Macaulay Culkin in "Home Alone" and in ":DRYVRS"
Macaulay Culkin in “Home Alone” and in “:DRYVRS”

It seems that being left home alone will really mess with you later on.

Cuddly Kevin is all grown up, and not in a good way, in Macaulay Culkin’s darkly comic updating of the role that made him famous in a web series called “:DRYVRS” from musician Jack Dishel of The Moldy Peaches.

In an episode titled (wink-wink) “Just Me In The House By Myself,” Culkin, 35, plays a scuzzy Uber driver working out some serious issues from childhood.

“How about this? It’s Christmas time — it’s f–cking Christmas — and your whole family goes on vacation — whole family — and they forget their 8-year-old-son, their 8-year-old-son, all by yourself in a house for a week,” Culkin says.  “I had to fend off my house from two psychopath home invaders. I was just a kid. I mean, I still have nightmares about this bald weirdo dude. … I don’t even know. They remembered my bastard of a brother but they forget me: the cutest f– cking 8-year-old in the universe, by far.”

Riffing further on “Home Alone,” Culkin shows that this trauma did nothing to lesson his improvisational ingenuity, as he thwarts a gunman using only a coat hanger and a car cigarette lighter socket. He then later ties up the bad guy in Christmas lights in a scene everybody will find familiar, yet disturbing.

Check out the episode below: